Our Vision :

To be the best IT Computer that provides outstanding services in IT maintenance and support system.

Our Mission :

- Continuously and proficiently engage in customer demand, helping companies addresing their problems and challenges so as to meet their fullest expectations

- Building a solid reputation for quality service and reliability outcome

- Creating Valuable and trusted experiences along the way, hence improving our costumers existence in the market

PT MACRO TREND TECHNOLOGY (MTT) was established in 2006. The Company offers a wide range of IT Hardware, Software, Service, Maintenance, and support system. Those cover both computers and servers.

MTT has registered to be the business partner of Hewlett Packard which is one of the biggest hardware providers in the world

Along with our vision, to best IT Company that provides end to end solution, we build partnership with VMware, Symantec, Netapp, as well as lenovo